Song & Dance with Broadway Performer

Song & Dance with Broadway Performer

New York, NY

New York, NY

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Need something special to keep your kids' attention? Take them to Broadway! Who better to learn from than an experienced Broadway performer and a real Broadway vocal coach? Make you and your child's dreams come true with this special one-of-a-kind experience. Spend 45 minutes of undivided attention with a current Broadway artist and learn an authentic song and dance combination without leaving your home. It is sure to be an experience you and your kids won't forget! INCLUDES: - Song & Dance Lesson with Broadway Performer (45 minutes) Location: New York, NY Details: Song & Dance with Broadway Performer, New York, NY Restrictions: Subject to availability of performer. Must book package within 12 months of purchase. Valid: Valid online for a wide variety of dates

A note from The Ledge Theatre: The Ledge Theatre Grand Opening and Fundraiser is to support The Ledge Theatre Los Angeles in creating theatre geared and performed by diverse voices. The Fundraiser is to start programming for Youth Classes and other educational theatre workshops for underrepresented voice.

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